Rysell - Hair Products
Rysell - Hair Products

What makes us unique

Our quality products at accessible prices make Rysell a line that stands out in the market. We carefully invest valuable resources to give our customers products worthy of being used for generations

Frequent questions

1) Where can I buy RYSELL products??

R: Visiting

2) Which payment methods does accept?

R: We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.

3) Do you only sell in the United States?

R: We sell all over the world.

4) How long does the shipping process take?

R: Processing takes 2-3 business days. Shipping takes the reasonable time for local or international.

5) Where can I find RYSELL products?

R: If you do not see Rysell products at your local store, you can buy *HERE

6) Is the product guaranteed?

R: Yes, 100%

7) If I’m not satisfied, what should I do?

R: You may call us at (305) 363-2696, or send us an email to

8) Do you wholesale?

R: Yes, we do. You may call us at (305)363-2696.

9) I have comments. Where should I send them?

R: You can send us an email to:

10) I have questions about the products. What should I do?

R: You can send us an email to:

Our family brands

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  • Lemisol Classic
  • Lemisol Kids
  • Rysell
  • Vidalis
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